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New EV Spotter Tractor in Wabash

Orange EV spotter truck with trailer

With sustainability at the focus of new process initiatives, the PaperWorks Wabash Mill has leased a new 2023 EV Spotter Tractor1 to replace the older diesel-powered unit. The new electric power unit successfully moves over 500 trailers a month for the mill’s shipping and receiving efficiencies.

EV yard trucks are proven for permanent emission reductions, preventing over 1,700 tons of carbon dioxide per truck over a 15-year life span and report 1% downtime compared to 20% for diesels. With 99% uptime, Orange EV keeps our operation moving, saving valuable time.

Significant annual savings over diesel can be achieved with Orange EV electric trucks2:

  • Reduced our fuel/energy costs by 70%. Electricity is the most efficient vehicle fuel available on the market today.
  • 100% engine and powertrain savings: No engine and no transmissions, no repairs or replacements needed.
  • 95% brake maintenance savings: Regenerative braking recharges the battery and saves wear and tear on traditional brakes.
  • No oil, no coolant, no diesel required, just some grease to keep it running smooth.
  • 100% emissions control savings and increased carbon credits: All-electric zero emissions trucks require no emissions control equipment and no time wasted with a diesel regen cycle.
  • Improved noise control and driver comfort with working air conditioning and heat.

PaperWorks is excited to make a positive impact by reducing our carbon footprint with this new EV!

1 Orange EV builds, sells, and services industrial electric vehicles:

2 Cost savings vary depending on several factors like fuel price, labor rates, and truck usage

Special thanks to Penske Truck Leasing for introducing the Orange EV solution and providing excellent support and service throughout this transition

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