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We’re looking for candidates who are committed to quality and innovation.

Join our fast-moving, growing company.

The PaperWorks brand is young, new, and full of possibilities. We have grown quickly through strategic acquisitions, inheriting experience, tenure, and values. As a result, our legacy is diverse, our history is rich, and our brand is a unique blend of tradition and innovation.

Combining more than 350 years of experience in the industry, it is important that we recognize and protect our heritage – where we come from, how our culture came together and how our brand has evolved into what we now know as PaperWorks.

Together we will define and shape the company that we want to be, the company that we want to work for, and the company that our customers want to do business with – a company that cares, competes, and wins. As we continue to grow our brand, define our image, and cultivate our One PaperWorks culture, we will deliver positive experiences and innovative solutions as a trusted partner and brand ambassador.

Our team members are at the heart of everything we do.  Working together we can accomplish great things. We all play a meaningful part in our PaperWorks story – Every day counts. Every job is important. Every team member’s contribution is significant.

We are all PaperWorks.

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Our Purpose

With your trust, we deliver positive experiences and innovative solutions.

Our Purpose touches our team members, customers, suppliers, family members, business partners, communities, and future team members. Positive experiences can be found in solving problems, teamwork, living our Values, and supporting a high trust environment. Innovative solutions can be found in new product designs, creative problem-solving in maintenance, resolution of customer issues, and how we schedule our work. Innovation is what differentiates us and helps us win.

We exist to win, improve the environment, have fun, provide for our families, help others, have pride, and make a difference.

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Our Vision

To be the brand for brands.

We want to be the brand that companies seek out to represent and protect their brands. Our brand supports Consumer Packaged Goods, Food, Healthcare, Personal Care, Home Care, and Other market segments, and is front and center in an individual consumer’s mind when making a product buying decision (aka – “First Moment of Truth”) in a retail setting. We want to be an industry leader.

We want to be the employer of choice.

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Our Values


Safety. Everything we do starts with doing things safely in a safe work environment. Safety also means protecting the environment and having open dialogue. Safety is health and wellness, work/life balance, and emotional wellbeing.

Transparency means communicating openly, telling the truth, being humble, and having the ability to admit when we are wrong. Transparency recognizes the contributions of our team members and allows us to share best practices.

Community. We live in, support, and serve many communities. Our communities include our team members, families, neighbors, the environment, local businesses, charities, customers, future team members, individual consumers, and industry partners.


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