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PaperWorks Recycling

With over 50 years of experience in the recycling industry, our integrated recycling unit can assist in achieving sustainability goals and managing waste handling programs, while providing detailed reporting and value-added incentives.

Program Features:

  • Supports customers in reaching their sustainability goals by recovering and recycling more waste materials while closing the loop to create a true circular transaction
  • Provides insights on the most efficient and cost-effective waste-handling processes and procedures.
  • Offers solutions to maximize:
    • Recycling Revenues
    • Landfill Diversion & Cost mitigation

Tenured Expertise:

  • Over 50 years of experience in the recycling space
  • 10+ years of focused experience in managing the waste stream of folding carton and converting facilities.
  • Our team has performed waste stream audits in over 250 facilities across North America and Europe.

Program Characteristics:

  • Comprehensive waste-handling program audit of the facility, free of charge.
  • Detailed reporting and analysis of the findings to aid in understanding any gaps in efficiency related to handling, packaging, and shipping of waste materials.
  • Detailed perception of value report illustrating what our team of experts views as the maximum revenue opportunity for your waste and recycling program.

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