Paper Works Industries different folding cartons

PaperWorks $3 million investment in 10-station folding carton litho press delivers wide-range of print enhancements in single pass

Brand owners will now have access to enhanced folding carton printing capabilities—including exotic inks and coatings—with an improved cost profile that will heighten their shelf presence.

PaperWorks Industries has invested $3 million in a sheet-fed lithographic press at its Greensboro, N.C. facility which will enable many value-added enhancements in a single pass that traditionally take two- and three-passes to achieve. These include matte and metallic inks, specialty coatings and pigments—plus seven-color printing. The capability is driven by the press’ unique configuration.

“Brand owners and private label packagers are constantly looking for ways to grab the consumer’s attention with eye-catching package design. Traditionally, carton printers would have to run the board through a press additional times to gain the heightened visual and/or tactile effects. However, earmarking additional funds for enhanced shelf impact may not always be feasible. Our new one-pass printing capability creates visual attributes in a fast and cost-effective manner,” said Brandon Clairmont, senior vice president, packaging sales and marketing, PaperWorks.

The press also can run extended color gamut (ECG) color reproduction which means that in addition to the traditional cyan, magenta, yellow and black found on traditional presses, orange, green and violet have been added for a total of seven printing stations. ECG capability cost- effectively delivers higher-impact graphics by delivering expanded color capability in one pass. PaperWorks’ new investment can produce high-definition images using 400-plus- line screen, compared to traditional litho press which use a 150-line screen. Higher definition means more vibrant and eye-catching colors.

“PaperWorks continues to be driven to find cost-effective ways to provide quality folding carton solutions for our brand owner and private label partners. By investing in the latest printing technology, we are able to push the visual impact boundaries. It’s one more example of how PaperWorks helps its customers grow their sales,” Clairmont concludes.